Quarantine Family

How’s quarantine treating you?

Hello, friends.  Checking in on everyone to see how the quarantine is treating you.  Our little family has been spending tons of time together, obviously.  Between school work, play time outside, and Roblox we’ve been staying busy.  My wife, Kristen, and our son, The Little Hemp man, both have bad asthma and compromised immune systems. I’ve been the one going grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, and taking things to the post office.  It’s all about teamwork during these uncertain times.

Another bad round of storms are moving through Georgia today.  Another week, another round of tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms.  Kristen gets bad headaches from the change in barometric pressure.  So, she takes some of our water soluble capsules to provide some relief.  She also uses the pain cream on her temples, forehead, and the back of her neck.  That stuff really is amazing.

Fishermen’s best inflammation and anxiety natural products

We wanted to show you a picture of some of our Catch Some Relief products.  As mentioned, we have capsules and pain creams in various sizes and strengths.  We have tinctures, pain sticks, and roll-on varieties.  A few fishermen have joined our pro staff team this month.  They’ve been given a coupon code to give out to family and friends allowing them to save 15% on their orders.  We ordered some CSR buffs that just came in and hats are on the way.  Here’s a picture of our office in the basement.  A true, home-based, family-owned small business.

We hope you’re doing well and not going too stir crazy.  Are you still able to fish where you live?  Luckily Georgia has allowed fishing during all of this.
Drop us a line and let us know how you’re doing.  Have any questions about CBD or our products?  Just ask.  We’re here to help!

Signing off,
Trinity aka The Hemp Man 

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