Why Catch Some Relief?

Why choose Catch Some Relief over other CBD brands? Well Catch Some Relief does not even sell a CBD oil because the bioavailability of a CBD oil is only 30%.  This means you only use 30% of the of the milligrams that you take so you are wasting your money.  If you buy a 1000mg bottle of CBD oil your body will only use 300mg at the most of the milligrams you pay for.  Catch Some Relief only sells water soluble CBD products to ingest.  Our water soluble CBD products include:

*Drink Drops


*25mg and 50mg Capsules


25mg Sleep Capsules


CSR Water Soluble Gummies


These water soluble CBD products allow for 70-90% bioavailability.  These products will guarantee you uptake as much of the CBD your body will allow.  The patent pending process is scientifically formulated to allow the CBD in the products to bypass the first pass metabolism.  This means your liver does not digest the CBD so it passes through the blood brain barrier and directly into your bloodstream.

You cannot escape the bioavailability of things you take so oils are just not very bioavailable.  Think about it we are made of water and oil does not mix with water.

We also have some of the most affordable and ethical CBD topicals on the market.  Please give us a try we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our products.


why choose catch some relief over other CBD brands

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