Catch Some Relief Drink Drops – Essential For Any Tackle Box


CSR Drink Drops, made with water soluble hemp extract.  You will uptake 70-90% of the milligrams.  Just add to any drink, the drops are tasteless.  Do not put directly in your mouth.  10 drops equals 12.5mg

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Catch Some Relief Drink Drops are an essential fishing lure for any tackle box – inflammation and anxiety relief so you can concentrate on that next bite. If you use 20 drops a day that is 30 days worth in this small 15ml bottle. To say this little bottle is concentrated is an understatement. With the ability to adjust your amount according to how your day is going


CSR Drink Drops are made with 750mg of hemp extract, Fractionated Coconut oil, Food Grade Polysorbate 20, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid, Sorbic Acid, Purified water

Essential lure for any tackle box:

Essential fishing lure for any tackle box Catch Some Relief drink drops are just as important as which lure you are going to throw the next day.  When you practice, work, or play hard sometimes inflammation and anxiety will distract you from that next bite. Because you decide at what time of day you need the focus, energy, inflammation reduction, and anxiety reduction. So do you need to calm down and focus on the next bite? Just add 10-30 drops in your favorite beverage and these tasteless drops will go to work quickly. Make Sure your tackle box is stocked with Catch Some Relief so you don’t miss out on the next bite.

Water Soluble CBD bioavailability:

CSR drink drops will help with inflammation and anxiety within 15-30 minutes of enjoying them in your favorite beverage.  So you will benefit from these quickly because they are water soluble CBD. Catch Some Relief Drink Drops are the easy counter to a CBD oil because of ease of use and because you will uptake 70-90% of the milligrams.


“I use Catch Some Relief Drink Drops before the tournament for anxiety and focus. I then take 10 more drops at lunch time so I can help fight off inflammation and allow me to concentrate on that next bite and not the pain because of repetitive motions.” John S.

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“We believe that being first to market with a product should come with bringing the most ethical product possible with great efficacy.  Catch Some Relief products are made with the best sourced CBD products possible.  All of our products are third-party tested and available on our website.  All of this brings us to offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our products!” – Trinity Mealor, Owner

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CSR Drink Drops
CSR Drink Drops
Essential Fishing lure for any tackle box – Inflammation and Anxiety