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THCA Flower

THCA Flower

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Unleash a Burst of Citrus: Savor the Uplifting Essence of Citrus Express Flower

Indulge in a sensory escape with Citrus Express flower. This vibrant green bud, adorned with glistening trichomes, promises an olfactory delight with its sweet and zesty citrus aromas. Many users report experiencing an uplifting and tingly sensation, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a boost in mood and energy throughout the day.

More than just aroma:

Potential for stress relief and relaxation based on user experiences.
Ideal for daytime use thanks to its reported uplifting and invigorating effects.
Natural and calming experience for those seeking alternative approaches.

Embrace the essence of Citrus Express and discover a brighter, more joyful day.


  • Hybrid
  • 22% THCA
  • 0.19% ∆9 THC


Citrus Express THCA Flower

  • Genetics – Citrus Express
  • Indoor Grown
  • Potent citrus and earthy taste

Cultivation & Quality

All of our THCA Flower strains are grown using sustainable, organic farming practices. Each batch undergoes a cold curing process to ensure unmatched quality and purity. View our third-party lab testing to learn more.

ANSI 3rd Party Lab Tested
American Grown THCA Flower
Grown In High Amounts of THCA
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